Xanik Valve Catalogs


Xanik Pressure Seal Gate Valves

Design features of Xanik Pressure Seal Valves
  • Detachable yoke without affecting the body bonnet joint.
  • Integral “T” head stem construction for packing and wedge auto aligning. 
  • Self-Aligning two pieces packing gland.
  • Flexible graphite packing with anti-extrusion rings for optimum seal ability and life. 
  • Live loaded packing - optional
  • Seal gasket load ring withstands upward thrust of bonnet load; backing ring distributes pressure uniformly to load ring; metallic silver-plated seal gasket provides tight closure.
  • Integral backseat, Stellite hard faced.
  • Flexible Wedge, fully guided, wedge and seats are hard faced with Stellite 6 or Tribaloy® T-900.